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Smoky Spiced Veggie Rice
Tasty, healthy, low in fat and calories, yet big on flavour
Serves - 6 Heat 0 (1-5)
Rating - 4 (1-5)
Prep Time 15 Minutes Cooking Time 60 Minutes
25 g Cashew Nuts
4 tbsp Olive Oil
1 Corn Cob
250 g Carrots, halved
2 Onions, finely chopped
2 Stalks Celery, finely chopped
2 Red Pepper, finely sliced
3 Garlic Cloves, crushed
2 tbsp Cajun Seasoning
1.5 tbsp Paprika
1 tsp Chipotle Paste
2 tbsp Tomato Purée
200 g Tomatoes, halved
400 g Red Kidney Beans, drained and rinsed
400 g Tomatoes
300 g Long-grain rice, washed
400 ml Vegan Stock
1 tbsp Vinegar
2 tbsp Sugar
2 Onions, finely sliced
Dry-fry the cashews in a large saucepan or casserole dish over a medium heat until golden brown.
Remove from the heat, leave to cool, then roughly chop.
Heat 1 tbsp oil in the same pan over a high heat, then fry the corn on each side for 20 seconds to char.
Remove from the pan, set aside, then tip in the carrots and fry for 5 mins. Remove from the pan and set aside.
Heat the rest of the oil in the same pan over a medium heat and fry the onions and celery for 10 mins until soft and slightly coloured.
Add the peppers and garlic, then fry for another 5 mins before adding the Cajun seasoning, smoked paprika, chipotle paste and tomato purée.
Fry for 1 min until the spices are fragrant, then add the cherry tomatoes and fry for another 2 mins.
Now stir in the kidney beans, canned tomatoes, rice, stock, vinegar and sugar, then stir until everything is combined.
Bring to the boil, then cover with a lid and simmer with a lid on for 35-40 mins on a medium-low heat, stirring halfway through, until the rice is cooked and liquid absorbed.
Slice the corn off the cob and mix it through the rice along with the carrots.
Season and garnish with the spring onions and cashews.